Window Tinting & Skin Paint Protector Film FAQs


Q. What is the legal limit?
A: 70% light should pass through the front windows only, and you can go as dark you like on back windows b-pillar rear. Contact “Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA)” for full information. National Number : 0870 60 60 440

Q: How dark can I go on the front windows?
A: Any car from factory standard has between 70% to 75% light passing through the front windows even 70% tint on them window can break the legal limit no tint on front windows is legal. Contact “Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA)” for full information. National Number : 0870 60 60 440

Q: Can you still tint them darker?
A: Yes we can as long as the car will be used for off road use.

Q: How much do you charge?
A: Take look at price list on our booking page. We require a £25.00 deposit per vehicle payable online via debit/credit card.

Q: Does the tint film have a guarantee?
A: Yes you have a full life time guarantee as long as you own the car.

Q: If my window gets smashed does the guarantee cover it or do I have to pay to have the window tinted again?
A: Sorry we cannot cover costs for window breakages, stone chips/cracks.... You may be covered by you own insurance. We are more than happy to provide a quote for just a single window tint please contact us.

Q: Can people see inside if my windows are tinted?
A: Well look at our range of tints all vary in shades, pick the darkest type which is used on limousines & celebrities cars and that will stop people being able to view inside.

Q: What happens if police stops me?
A: If your vehicle does not meet the government requirements you may be asked to remove the tints but please contact the below for full information: Contact “Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA)” for full information. National Number : 0870 60 60 440

Q: Do your tints reduce heat?
A: The solar control properties found in automotive window films can greatly reduce the level of heat gain inside a car.

Q: Does the film scratch?
A: Our tints have a scratch resistant hard coat for long-lasting durability & protection, if you attempt to scratch the film with a sharp metal object yes this may cause a scratch just as it would on glass.

Q: Can I use my heaters and the rear screen demister as normal?
A: Yes you can use everything as normal it helps the tint cure (dry).

Q: Can I use my windows straight away?
A: No, not for 72 hours after tinted, the tints need to cure in that time naturally, you can drive your car but not open windows up/down.

Q: How long does it take?
A: Between 1 to 2.5 hours depending on the vehicle, for example at 3 door coupe will be quicker than a large people carrier with more windows.

Q: Do you remove door cards or inner door panels?
A: Strictly NO we do not remove any door cards or panels which is our company policy! Other companies do this and this can void you warranty and damage your car. Skilled TintCentre staff are able to fully install the film without removing any panels at all.

Q: When can I clean my windows and how?
A: you can clean you windows the following day, in a circular motion using a soft cloth as long as it’s not abrasive.

Q: Is the tint inside or the outside?
A: All tinting is on the inside.

Q: Can the tints be removed?
A: Yes they can by us if you want them removed professionally

Q: Can you tint windows on a building?
A: We can but we don’t offer that service at the moment.

Q: What colour tints do you do?
A: We only do black Alumina or Noir with different tint levels, other coloured tints usually are very poor quality TintCentres only use the best tint films.

Q: Do you do mobile window tinting for example come to my house or work?
A: Due to our very high standards and specialised tools used we only tint in our TintCentre workshops. Our clean workshop environments stop any contamination while fitting the film, if we applied film outdoors we could not control any foreign objects that may contaminate the film such as dust, dirt & insects....

Q: Should I clean my windows before I bring the car to get tinted?
A: No not really leave it to us, but it does help if your car clean rather than really grubby.

Q: My car was tinted by another company but they have made a mess, the tints are bubbling, peeling off..... & they have made a real mess can you fix this?
A: Yes your welcome there is a charge on top of the normal standard price usually 50% extra as we have to completely remove the old film before we can fit professionally fit our film to our high standards.

Q: Can I wait when my car is being tinted?
A: Yes all our branches have a customer seating area if you don’t want to wait we can contact you once the work has been completed.

Q: Do we tint right to the edge?
A: Yes in fact you can’t even see our edge it looks like the glass has come like that from factory.

Q: Will the tint peel or bubble or fades or delaminates?
A: No that’s why we give you a guarantee we use only the best TintCentres Alumina and Noir tint films.

Q: Can I get discount if I bring 2 cars?
A: Sorry all prices are fixed.

Skin Paint Protection

Q: What does it look like or what is it?
A: It’s a actually film we put on your car front end nose.

Q: Can I see it when it’s on?
A: Not if you’re standing next to the car if go up very close then you may see it, but it’s very clear it’s the highest quality stuff

Q: Do you cut it on the car?
A: No all our films are cut perfectly to precision using computers.

Q: Does have guarantee?
A: Yes lifetime as long as you own the car.

Q: Can it be removed?
A: Yes just pull it off it doesn’t leave any glue residue on your paint work either.

Q: Can I wash my car after and polish?
A: Yes you are able to wash it one week after it was applied. You can polish your car bodywork & new skin 24 hours after it was applied.

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